I was in the seaside town of Scarborough. Like any coastal resort, I found a whole line of food stands and restaurants selling burgers, hot dogs and fish and chips.

I often get asked by my clients about healthy alternatives to fast food, as they sometimes struggle to find them and so I decided to see what I could find while out and about in Scarborough.

As you’d expect, there were also quite a few stands selling seafood. In theory, lots of healthy alternatives here – but not when they’re drizzled with prawn cocktail sauce, full of sugar, preservatives and colourings.

I then came across a coffee shop. Arguably, more and more are trying to provide healthy options, with some even telling you how many calories and how much sugar and fat their products contain. The shop I found had its usual offerings of cakes, muffins and white baguettes, but there was also a selection of healthier snacks and herbal teas. I went for a pot of peppermint tea and shared a small pot of almonds – a perfect mid-morning protein snack!

We walked a lot throughout the day, and by the evening, it was time to find somewhere that would provide a nutritious meal that would also give me the fuel I need for my training later on.

In addition to all the restaurants above and stands, we came across a sandwich shop, more cafes and an Italian restaurant – lots of lovely salads on offer but not many proteins or slow-releasing carbohydrate options.

The search became quite frustrating!

We then stumbled across a supermarket food hall, which offered a wide range of salads with protein, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Sadly, each of these had too much dressing – very bad in terms of levels of saturated fat and sugar. There were also some small protein snack pots and a wide range of vegetable juices.

Reflecting on the day, I realised how important it is doing some research before visiting somewhere. Looking online can help you to plan your meals accordingly. Next time, I’ll remember to carry a packet of nuts, a protein bar or a shake, as well as water. It’s essential to keep your energy levels up! It’s not always easy, but the more prepared you can be, the more comfortable you make it for yourself.

With all nutrition and training plans, depending on your goal, you must be strict, but that does not mean you can’t enjoy what you like. Aim to be good 80-90% of the week and allow 10-20% where you can allow yourself a treat.

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