Exercise smarter. Feel better. Live longer.

Hi, I am Bridie the founder and owner of Darcy Fitness. I have one passion in life that drives me every day, and that’s to help people like you achieve your health fitness and wellbeing goals.

During the nine-plus years of being a personal trainer, I have dedicated myself to improving my knowledge and skills, developed individual training, running specific, weight loss, injury and illness rehabilitation plans, along with nutrition and wellness weight loss programs to help my clients.

My clients are both male and female and range from county and world champion runners to beginner runners, tv producers and fashion executives, shift-workers and business owners to homemakers and busy mums. I adapt my style for the type of person you are to make you get the most out of your training session and our professional relationship.

I genuinely care about the people I train and will within my power to help clients reach their goals.

Studio Facilities

From the moment you come into the studio, you will be given the 5-star treatment from one of our team. The studio benefits from a hub of services and facilities to help you be the best version of you.

• Reception and Consultation area
• One to one personal training area with a range of treadmill, spin bike, multi-gym, dumbbells barbells, stability and medicine balls
• Group personal training and small class area with a variety of group sessions from running specific sessions to yoga- see our timetable
• Sports Massage therapy room
• Physiotherapy room
• Changing room with shower
• Free car parking
• Studio room hire available