There are many benefits of exercising after you have had a baby once you have had your 6-week check after a natural birth or 12 weeks after a C-Section.

Here’s 9 Benefits of Postnatal Exercise that include:

  1. It helps to strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles
  2. It boosts energy
  3. It can help prevent postnatal depression
  4. It promotes better sleep
  5. It helps to relieve stress
  6. Help in weight loss management along with a balanced diet
  7. Help relieve any aches and pains from pregnancy
  8. Help with posture and any imbalance caused by pregnancy
  9. Help you to regain your pre-pregnancy and fitness

At Darcy Fitness, I work a fully qualified pre and postnatal personal trainer who will be able to provide you with individualised plans to help you regain pre-pregnancy shape and fitness safely through correct exercise and along with a specific nutrition plan.

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