Last week on Wednesday 25th March my event at Mothercare promotes the buggy fit classes. This was an excellent evening meeting parents to be, and other companies promoting their activities for parents with babies.

From the Mothercare event, I drove to Lancaster as my best friend was getting married in the Lake District on Thursday. I pulled into the travel lodge car park just off the motorway, and all I could think was where am I going to do my morning run I didn’t fancy the motorway hard shoulder for a run. My friends had arrived earlier and knowing that the first question I would ask is where am I going to run, he had spoken to the hotel receptionist and found that there was a road at the back which leads into a village.

I got up early and headed out for our run get a few funny looks from other people leaving the hotel and pulling into the service area, the run started quite flat, and then there were a few inclines with a good downhill, there only one thing with good downhills is when you are doing an out and back route you know that you’re going to have to back up that hill to get back, we carried on, and it was up and down and the same on the way back we hit that big hill and with determination I was straight up the hill. Was a great start to the day after breakfast it was part get ready and then back into the car and drive to the Lake District.

After a wet journey and some very narrow, twisty roads, we settled into our room and finished getting ready for the wedding. The wedding was a fantastic day.

Friday was the next part of the journey to Burnley to stay with our running coach as my partner was running the Manchester Marathon on Sunday. After the trip I was feeling a bit tired, so had a quick power nap and then I was ready for my run in the Fells with my running coach, the weather was cold, windy and raining, the run was good and challenging quite wet and going up some steep hills I forget the number of times my coach said to me it’s not usually this wet. I enjoyed the run and thought to myself; I must go off-road more.

Saturday morning was back to the fells for an interval session, which consisted of 8 laps each lap had two hard reps and two recovery reps. It was challenging as I am used to doing my reps on the road or grass track, so the terrain, hills and the cold, bitter wind made it a good session it was hard and hurt at the time but after I felt a sense of achievement.

After showers and food, I was taken by my coach and his partner to a fantastic furniture and Homeware store in the same place that withering heights were set in. Fortunately, my bet would be full on the way home so that I couldn’t purchase a lot; otherwise, I would have spent a fortune. The evening was spent relaxing after the hard interval session and shopping.

Sunday was back in the car to travel home and prepare Monday’s spin class a bit of research and write session plans for the following week. Being a personal trainer is not just about the hour you spend with the client, it is about planning, updating your knowledge to provide an excellent service to all of your training clients to meet their individual goals.

A brilliant weekend, which has built my confidence in running and new found love for running off the road, and I entered the ballot for London Marathon so by October I will know if I have a place. Since getting home I have been looking for off-road races, and today I have been out running off-road. I will keep you posted on my search for off-road races and running routes.

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