Okay. So this is the first-ever blog post on my website. I would like to start the post by saying thank you for visiting my site.

The Blog section will contain regular updates on what I have been up to, new workouts I’ve been trying, and useful research I’ve stumbled across on my personal and professional fitness journey.

Today I’d like to give you an insight into a ‘Day in My Life’.

I’m an early riser, and most of my days start with training a client at 7 am, or when I have no early morning clients, my workout. My training consists of either Kettlebell workouts, running or swimming.

I like to vary my training to get the benefits from a range of different activities, keep my body guessing, and stop me from getting bored with the same routines. After this, I usually have some morning clients or take classes (like spinning with a group of people). After that I will turn back to my training of running or ‘weights and core’; to strengthen and tone my body. Before any evening clients, I will plan for the next day or do some health and fitness research – always on the lookout for new things to try or useful advice that will help my clients, as well as myself.

After my evening clients, I get home and check my emails, texts and phone messages. Usually, there is a bit of time left for some rest – which is much appreciated by the end of a long day! And that’s it, in a nutshell. I do love my work though – and I know that getting paid to do something I love is not something everybody is lucky enough to be able to say.

If you fancy being part of my day, then you are welcome to have a free consultation. Moreover, who knows? It could well lead to a healthier, fitter and stronger you!

Until next time, farewell!

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