Factor time in to train over the weekend unless it’s your planned rest or rest days.

I know it can be hard, right!

To fit training in around family, friends and social commitments.

Trust me I’ve tried, and it’s my job…

What I do is I set the alarm a little earlier and get my training completed before everyone else is up. If you have children that dance, play football or participate in other sports, why not train while they exercise! That way you get the whole family involved and all exercise together.

Your kids would love it!

As with your food and drink… Well now, I am not saying you can’t have a glass of wine, a pint or a gin and tonic (be care to read that part right, not a pint of G&T, oh gosh), but to lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit so take a snack out to allow yourself a cheeky drink if you want one.

If you’re eating out, choose wisely to avoid creamy sauces, anything in breadcrumbs or batter, have a main not all three courses, choose the smaller portion meals.

Remember, you can have something you enjoy if you remain in your calorie deficit if your goal is weight loss the issue starts if you have alcohol Friday, Saturday and Sunday or have junk food or meals high in calories over the weekend.

Even if you remain in maintenance calories eating junk food or drinking, a lot of alcohol can affect your exercise performance as you may be tired and dehydrated from the food and drink which may cause fatigue.

If your body is forced to run from your supplies of fat rather than blood sugar, you will be slower and have less energy and won’t be able to exercise as intensely,” says Professor Greg Whyte.

Professor Whyte also warns that drinking after exercise is more likely to make you crave stodgy foods that are high in fat – which could affect your sports and training performance later down the line if you put on that weight on as a result. Good to know!

As with all my clients here at Darcy Fitness, I provide healthy nutrition plans which clients can adhere to have still something they enjoy eating or drinks, but with limits as if you remove everything you enjoy then you won’t adhere to the plan for long.

If you live in or around Loughborough and would like training advice with a bespoke nutrition plan, add a comment or send an email to me bridie@darcyfitness.co.uk and I can book you in for a consultation!

Have a great weekend!

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