When we train whether it is weights, running or classes we cause small tears in our muscle tissue, which do repair this is why it is essential we refuel correctly after a workout and rest. Occasionally though we may lift a weight that too heavy or not with the correct technique, go over on our ankle, land in the wrong way, mileage, or intensity increases, and we experience pain or discomfort I may get on the onset of delayed muscle soreness when we change a workout routine.

If you have pain or discomfort that does not go within a day or so, or you get immediate swelling use this RICE, which is rest, ice, compress and elevate. If you continue to train on something is painful, it may end up in an injury which could put you out of training for weeks if you act on a niggle immediately there is a good chance that you will only have to take a few days off.

Seek to advise of a physiotherapist or your GP or go for a sports massage with someone who specialises in sports injuries. If you can’t weight bear or unable to move a joint, severe swelling seek medical advice immediately.

Here’s 11 Tips to follow:

  1. Preventing Injuries
  2. Keep a training diary so you can monitor how much you train
  3. Don’t increase intensity time or distance, all at once
  4. Always warm-up and cool down and stretch afterwards
  5. Don’t overtrain
  6. Fuel and refuel after training
  7. Change trainers regularly even if it’s just for the gym and have gait analysed if you’re a runner
  8. Keep Hydrated
  9. Sleep well aim for 7-8 hours
  10. Take rest days and have more carefree days if you’re a runner don’t run all runs at the same pace.
  11. Cross-train

Even with following all of this you may get injured and be unsure why sometimes with sports and training it happens and if you do always follow the advice of the professional and enjoy other things while you are injured.

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