Our Bikini Body, Wedding Day or Beach Buff body programs are designed to help you get in the best shape for your upcoming holiday or special event.

For best results, this is usually a 12-week program that starts well before your holiday or special day. We can alter timescales to your desires and budget, but please be aware there is not a lot we can do two weeks before your special day or holiday. However, don’t despair as there are a few solutions that do work!

Bridie is much more than your average PT – she has a deep down desire to help improve your overall health.
Debbie Barret


We offer a complete range of payment options for each PT program. Pay as you go option is available for those wanting to pay small amounts at a time. However, some people like to pre-book some PT and class sessions and receive a discount. When you have sessions, pre-booked and paid for it helps to keep you motivated and committed to your sessions. We do have a 24-hour cancellation policy where the full cost of a session will be taken if cancelled with less than 24 hours notice which is at the discretion of the team.


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