It can be hard to keep yourself motivated, and we will all have our ups and downs with being motivated towards whether it Fitness, nutrition, career, relationships and life goals.

To achieve what we desire from all areas of life we have to put the hard work, dedication and keep motivated:

  1. Take each day at a time each day is a new opportunity to work towards a goal if the previous wasn’t exactly how you wanted it to be don’t give up learning from it to gain strength from and into the new day
  2. Surround yourself with positive like minded people who will support you with your goals “you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with”
  3. Create a Vision Board using images and quotes of how you will feel, look, your holiday, your career, your home and images of steps how to achieve the goal, then when it gets a hard look at the vision board to keep motivated
  4. Make SMART goals these are:
    Specific – i.e. To run a 10k
    Measurable To run a sub 40min 10k
    Achievable they need to be something that can achieve
    Realistic They need to be realistic to where you currently are
    Time, i.e. To run a sub 40min 10k in 18 months then there will be SMART goals set to achieve this
  5. Reward yourself think of something you like and enjoy and reward yourself with once you achieve your goal, for instance, a new outfit once you have your desired weight loss
  6. Believe in yourself this can be one of the hardest, but once you begin to believe in yourself your abilities you are halfway there to achieving your goals
  7. Acknowledge your positive attributes focus on your positives as a person, as an athlete, in your career and relationships remaining positive helps you in all areas of your life
  8. Recognise your accomplishments continue to look at what you have achieved not how far you have got to go
  9. Visualise you accomplishing your goals think how you will feel if it a run goal think of the pain while doing it but the pride once achieving it
  10. Be kind to yourself we can all spend a lot of time looking after others and not ourselves put yourself at the top of your priority list, and everything else will fall into place
  11. Finally, don’t compare yourself to others everyone is on a different journey and at a different place, and only the person really knows where they are.

Be positive, use these tips to keep motivated and if you need help with motivation and achieving your goals personal training can help you.

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