During the previous months, you’ve worked hard with your exercise and nutrition to look and feel good for your summer holiday. But as I say to all of my clients that when we set upon a fitness and health regime:

It’s a lifestyle change and not a diet!

When we reach our goal and feel the benefits not only the change of body composition but the improvement in fitness, well being both mentally and physically, we want that feeling to stay and continue to keep improving After months of training, you will feel like you don’t want to miss training or undo all that hard work with your nutrition. Going on holiday may feel a little scared of how you are going to keep fitness and nutrition but still enjoy your holiday, or perhaps you are wondering how you can stay motivated, or exercise and it did not have an impact on who you are travelling with.

Our busy lifestyles of work, family, friends and fitting training in can sometimes leave us feeling both physically and mentally burnt out and going away for a holiday allows us time to both unwind, relax and re-energise body and mind.

To help you feel more energised after your holiday and not let the two-week all-inclusive breaks undo all your hard work in exercise and come back, gaining the pounds you have worked so hard to lose.

I have created my top 10 tips for Summer Holiday Fitness:

  1. Pack your training kit and before leaving check out the hotel exercise classes, gym opening times or safe local running routes.
  2. Before going speak with who you are travelling with and agree times for you to exercise without it impacting on the holiday. With the heat in mind, ideally, train early morning or in the evening, especially if you are running or the gym is not air-conditioned. The plan in the days you will train and add them to your daily schedule.
  3. Look for activities you can all do together such as hiring bikes to explore the area.
  4. Go for regular walks of 30 minutes.
  5. Keep hydrated with water, not alcohol.
  6. Be wise with food choices don’t have a full English breakfast every day, but scrambled eggs and tomatoes are a great choice. Fill your plate with protein and salad or vegetables at lunch and evening meals, limit any fried foods, limit food such as burgers, chips, creamy sauces on pasta. Taste local cuisine the Meditteranean diet is quite a healthy diet.
  7. If you can have unlimited drinks, try to avoid drinking all day, every day, this will harm both health and fitness. While there is nothing wrong in enjoying yourself and having some drinks during the holiday having too much will have undesired effects.
  8. If you do have a drink, be mindful of measures of the drink and go for lower-calorie beverages such as gin and Slimline tonic.
  9. Spend some time relaxing a day by the pool with a good book, take 10 minutes each day to practice some mindfulness.
  10. Have a social media and a phone detox to reduce any stresses of work, and to spend quality time with the person or people you have travelled with, and most of all enjoy yourself making new memories.

Let us know what summer training tips you have and leave a comment below!

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